Welcome to the ProtoNewsletter

Let it begin (again)

Yo boyz and girlz, welcome to this magical place.

I already own a newsletter, but I like to burden myself with more and more projects. No, that’s not it. I mean that’s true, but not in this specific case.

I’m starting another newsletter because the other one is in Italian. Yeah, right, I’m Italian yoo-hoo. The other newsletter is called Nato Stupido and you can translate it to “Born Stupid”. Aaaaaaanyway, for a long time I thought about starting publishing in English too, but I struggled to find a name (what a meaningful reason to procrastinate).

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I said fuck it, let’s use my name. The issue was that I already had a website at gianmarcodavid.com. It was my tech blog, where I talk about programming stuff (well, that’d be my aspiration at least 🙄). The solution was simple. I bought a new domain and moved the tech stuff over there: gianmarcodavid.dev.

All to say that… something something blah blah blah this is the backstory.

So what is this newsletter? It’s a place to share my thoughts, ideas, ravings (a word that I just learned — I hope it’s correct), things I do, andcetera etcetera.

If you’re Italian you’d probably be better off following me over there and checking out the other website.

If you’re not, then you’re a bit unluckier because the English version is still very much work in progress, but it’ll get there (mostly thanks to Google Translate which does a big chunk of the heavy lifting).

See ya around!

Note: this is the first newsletter issue I sent in English, while I have some previous ones I only sent in Italian. On the website, you can find some that I found worthy of translating.